• dineLA Menus with Veggie Options

    dineLA’s winter edition is happening on January 17th-31th. dineLA highlights the best culinary experiences in LA twice a year. It is the best time to discover Los Angeles’s top restaurants but at discounted prices. You enjoy the fancy restaurants for affordable prices. There are plenty of veggie-friendly, vegan, “kosher”-conscious and health-conscious menu options. Here are some of my favorite dineLA… Read More

    dineLA Menus with Veggie Options
  • 5 New Year Goals As A Blogger

    Time flies! I can’t believe it’s already the new year. So here are my new year goals as a blogger. I don’t like resolutions. Incidentally, I have the same resolutions every year. EVERY YEAR – on top of the list is “I will not press snooze” when I wake up but let’s face it! That’s NOT HAPPENING. I am not… Read More

    5 New Year Goals As A Blogger
  • Things To Do in Miami

    I love visiting Miami. There are tons of fun things to do in Miami. I have traveled to Miami a few times. I visited the tourist attractions as well as the Instaworthy and hot spots. Check out this list after you have the super touristy places. This is all about the Instaworthy hot spots. Things To Do in Miami Wynwood… Read More

    Things To Do in Miami




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