Style Series: Best Inspirational Vegan Handbag

Olive Bilou believes life’s too short to settle for that guy or that job! Sot true, I have been there, I have settled for that job too many times.  Thankfully, I don’t have to settle for a boring handbag or the “IT” bag that everyone has. Instead, I can have a fun little bag called

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New York Fashion Week SS18 Recap – The Shows, What I Wore & What I Learned

I have always loved fashion shows and dreamt about attending the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Less than a week before the September 2017 shows started this year, I decided this was the year I was going to make it happen. I don’t know how but I was able to pull it off. I’m so grateful I

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Style Collective Takes NYFW & How to Get NYFW Show Invites as A Newbie

So this is how I got NYFW show invites a week before it started as a new blogger:  It was all thanks to Style Collective. Style Collective is a platform for female influencers to connect, grow, and learn how to be successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. It was founded by Annie Spano, who wanted to empower and

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What to Wear to NYFW & How @Dailylook Came to My Rescue

It’s been a dream of mine to attend New York Fashion Week (NYFW) forever. Still, I don’t know what came over me. Less than a week before the September shows started, I decided to go to NYFW. I don’t know how it happened but I was able to pull it off. I’m so grateful. I’m

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Style Series: Stayvacation Outfit

Stayvacation in Los Angeles

If you don’t have travel plans this Labor Day Weekend like me, then you join me in enjoying a luxe vacation at home.    All you need is a positive attitude, sense of adventure and fabulous outfit. In a fabulous outfit, you can go sightseeing in your own city. Go to places you haven’t been

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Happening in LA: Topshop x Foray Collective at Malibu Beach House

Liz in Los Angeles at Malibu Beach House

Topshop in collaboration with Foray Collective held a weekend-long event at Foray’s Malibu Beach House.    Topshop, as most of you know, is a British-born retailer with the latest and new  hottest trends in women’s & men’s fashion. Foray Collective is the first e-commerce marketplace with a shop by influencer approach. Foray Collective has created a place where fashion lovers can

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Beauty Series: Vegan Cuts Beauty Box (August 2017 Review)

Vegan Beauty Box

Isn’t it fun to try new beauty products? That’s why I love Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. Vegan Cut is a monthly vegan subscription box that delivers vegan snacks, beauty products and makeup (quarterly) directly to your door.  The Vegan Cut Beauty Box is a great way  to discover cruelty-free, natural beauty products.  The Beauty Box contains 4-7 new products to try that are mostly organic and natural from

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Food Series: Vegan Cuts Snack Box (August 2017 Review)

I tend to snack all day at work. It’s either because I’m stressed out, bored out of my mind or actually hungry but too busy to eat a meal. It’s hard to find healthy snacks, that’s why I am  so grateful that I discovered Vegan Cuts Snack Box. Vegan Cut is a monthly vegan subscription box that delivers vegan snacks, beauty products and makeup (quarterly) directly

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LA City Guide: Best Luxury Boutique Hotel

Best Boutique Hotel in Los Angeles

So by now, you guys know that I love to travel. I truly believe: “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between pages of a passport.” However, it is not always possible to get on a plane, take off and see the world. That’s when I love a staycation at

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