By Chloe – Eat Healthy & Funky

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I never eat at food fast restaurant chains but I made an exception. I joined a friend for dinner at By Chloe in Silver Lake, CA. The difference between By Chloe and all other food fast joints: By Chloe is a colorful vegan, kosher and gluten-free restaurant with a chic interior. Added bonus, they are super-friendly at the counter.


I’m not vegan but I love finding healthy food. The menu at By Chloe contains all fatty favorites in healthy versions. We tried The Guac Burger with a side of air baked original and sweet potato french fries and the Pesto Italian Meatball on a potato sub roll along with a side of warm kale artichoke dip.  For dessert, we both got the Matcha Blueberry Muffin.

When the food arrived, we were not disappointed. It was delicious and flavorful. I left feeling full and healthy. So it is not just one of those “Instagram” places but a place with delicious food by non-vegan standards. The only problem: By Chloe does not deliver!

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