Physique 57 Made Me Into A Barre Addict

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After one barre class at Physique 57 studio, I got addicted. So now, barre is part of my fitness routine.


I was tired of the same old fitness classes at the gym, so I decided to try a Class Pass trial membership. The trial included 5 total classes in a month at a number of top boutique fitness studios and gyms in Los Angeles.

The first one that I choose was a class at Physique 57 in Beverly Hills, CA. Physique 57 is a barre workout with a global fan base. It combines cardio, strength training and stretching into one class that tones the entire body. Barre uses your own body weight as resistance to lean the body.

I was surprised how challenging the class was; I felt the burn after a few reps. The instructor was attentive and made sure I had the proper form at all times. I loved the choreography. The flow of the class went along with the energetic music. The only thing I didn’t like was the carpeting floor. However, they provide towels that I used when in contact with the carpet and they sells the cutest grippy socks at the front desk.

The front desk sells inspirational workout wear, barre equipment, DVDs, and Sweet & Soothe Kit by Lather. The kit includes 1 month of unlimited online Physique 57 workouts, a stretch band + 10 exercise workout guide, a Himalayan & epsom bath salts and a muscle ease gel in a zippered toiletry bag. The kit makes a great gift idea for any fitness junkie. The bath salts felt great after a challenging workout.

I felt my posture improved even after one class. I sit behind a desk all day so I have a tendency to hunch.  If a low-impact yet intense and invigorating workout can improve my posture, call me a barre addict. I’m ready for a ‘lean’ look.

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