One of A Kind: The Making of A Couture Gown

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I searched high and low to find a very unique evening gown for my sister’s wedding. I didn’t want a dress that you could find hanging at any department store or advertised all over social media. I wanted a gown that was one of a kind.

After visiting a few boutiques and trying on over 20 dresses, I was about to give up.

Then my mom suggested Simin Haute Couture.  Simin designs couture bridal and evening gowns in Los Angeles, CA. Lisa Vanderpump, Tiffany Trump, Reba, Farah Pahlavi and Sharon Stone are among her celebrity clients.

Thankfully, she was available to design a hand-made evening gown by the wedding date. First, Simin asked to see pictures of dresses that I liked to get a sense of my style. Then, I was fitted for the lining , which took less than 15 minutes. Simin chose a silk blush lining that was so beautiful, it could have been worn as a dress by itself. We chose the designer fabric together and decided on the position of the fabric.

She is truly an artist and I highly recommend her if you want a couture gown tailored to your body for a special occasion. However, it does require numerous fittings and tons of needles everywhere. I would not suggest this if you have an inflexible work schedule. Luckily, I was in between projects and I had time to go in for the fittings during the day.

At the end, it was all worth it. I got to strut down the aisle in a show-stopping evening gown.  

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