Gibraltar Travel Style in Misa Los Angeles Dress

Travel Series: Travel Style in Gibraltar


Gibraltar (map) is a British overseas territory on Spain’s south coast. If you don’t know where Gibraltar is, you’re not the only one. It’s a tax haven, so it always popped up on Banking Compliance reports at work and that’s why I was curious about it. I’m grateful that I finally got a chance to visit.

Gibraltar is well-known as the original rock. It’s like a mini-London. It is very British! The locals are very pride to be part of Great Britain.  Yet, it is Spanish (on the coast of Spain) with a dash of Moroccan, Indian and Jewish!

I loved strolling in the narrow alleys and discovering little cafes! Typically, locals spend Friday nights at the bars in the town center and head over to Spain on Saturday night. Can you imagine your weekend plans requiring a passport? Only in Europe.

Where to Stay:

Gibraltar is so small that there’s no room to build another hotel on this peninsular. The solution: Sunborn Yacht Hotel. We were fortunate to stay at the Sunborn, a 5-star luxurious floating hotel permanently moored in Gibraltar’s Ocean Village Marina. It has 5 restaurants and bars, including 1 on the top deck alongside the outdoor pool as well as a casino.


What to Do:

If you are planning on visiting this unique location, you wouldn’t be disappointed. As tiny as it is, there is so much to do. Below is just couple of my favorite things that we got to experience while there:

St Michael’s Cave

St Michael’s Cave is located in the Upper Rock (Rock of Gibraltar) over 300 meters above sea level. The natural site is spectacular with music playing while you’re walking through. The Cathedral Cave (where they hold concerts) seems like the perfect film location for another Angels & Demons movie series.


Monkeying Around

Personally, I kept my distance from the wild, mischievous monkeys that Gibraltar is known for. However, they are one of the most popular tourist attraction on the Rock.

Dolphin Adventure

It was not the first time that I had gone Dolphin watching but the first time that I actually got to see the dolphins up close.

What to Wear:

When I’m traveling I tend to dress more bohemian than usual, that’s why I love the Misa Los Angeles dresses for traveling. They are inspired by designer’s own travel experiences. What I absolutely loved about this dress was that it was chic and sophisticated; and more importantly, it was wrinkle-free and comfortable. The Cole Haan Oxford look like shoes but they’re sneakers.

“MISA is for the modern-day bohemian who spends her life travelling the world, leaping from one exotic location to another.”

Gibraltar Travel Style in Misa Los Angeles Dress



Dress – Misa Los Angeles

Sunglasses – Ray Ban (similar)

Shoes – Cole Haan


So what do you guys think of Gibraltar?! Would you let the monkeys climb over you for a photo opp?




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