Hello. I am Liz in Los Angeles.


This blog is a visual arts gallery to luxury living by Los Angeles standards. A luxury lifestyle filled with stylish looks that can easily transition from day-to-night, quick and easy healthy food options, natural alternatives to beauty and health, and motivating fitness routines. I started this lifestyle blog because I love sharing what inspires me, from a fabulous lace top by a local designer to an amazing beauty secret that will shorten your morning routine.

Who else feels stuck in corporate hell? I’m a banking compliance consultant, which means I work for myself, but I still have to keep corporate hours. I don’t know why people say working “9 to 5” cuz it’s more like “8 to 8”. Despite my busy work schedule, I still want to maintain a stylish and healthy lifestyle.

I refuse to dress the typical corporate attire (suit, standard pumps, blah blah blah). For starters, it seems like no one in Los Angeles has a corporate job, so going out socially after work feels awkward when you’re the only one wearing a suit. More importantly,  I don’t feel like myself. However, I admit it’s a challenge coming up with creative ways to wear the outfits that I love while still looking professional. My style, depending on the season and occasion, ranges from refined rocker chic to glamour chic.

After work, you will find me at the gym but not logging miles on a treadmill; I get bored after 15 minutes. On the other hand, I’m very energized when attending classes. A majority of my workout posts are about fitness classes that are currently on trend or that I am passionate about.

Since losing weight, clean eating has become part of my health regimenSince visiting Japan, I have adopted some of some elements of Japan’s balanced diet.  I love how Japanese food is always simple, fresh and seasonal.  If only I could eat properly with a chopstick.

Get inspired with me through yummy food, racks of stylish clothing, new beauty products, and sweaty sessions.
Obsessively grateful,