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Ms. Pompadour – Curly Girl’s BFF

curly hair products

It is not easy finding the right hair products for my curlies that’s why I am so glad I discovered Ms. Pompadour Curl Defining products, a new hair care product brand. “YOU’RE NEVER FULLY DRESSED WITHOUT GREAT HAIR.” Curly hair is dry, no matter what texture – even drier when you live in a city like Los

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Facial Acupuncture: The Natural Alternative to Botox & Fillers

Los Angeles is internationally known for Botox; it is the city where luxury apartments offer Botox injections as an amenity. However, I always search for natural anti-aging alternatives. I believe when we work so hard to remove toxins from our bodies, why voluntary add more toxins to it? Cosmetic acupuncture is an Eastern anti-aging beauty secret that improves skin

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Brigitte BEAUTÉ: The Most Relaxing Facial Ever

I stumbled upon Brigitte BEAUTÉ by chance and pleased to do so! I was searching for an acupuncture clinic online that was more like a spa than a medical clinic. Violà!  I found Brigitte BEAUTÉ. The clinic offers skin care and acupuncture treatments. I became a regular after only one visit; the clinic has become my skin-body sanctuary.

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