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Influencer Marketing Consulting

Liz provides influencer marketing consulting services for brands to source, manage, and foster a diverse and engaged influencer community across Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

For more information, click on Liz’s LinkedIn Profile.


Tell Liz your influencer marketing goals and she will assist you with sourcing the ideal niche influencers for your campaign or event. Liz is a content marketing professional with in-depth knowledge of social media and influencer marketing, with an emphasis on strategy, influencer relationship building, and campaign management.

Liz has helped a foodie brand source local Los Angeles foodie influencers to sign up for their foodie affiliate program and foodie influencer events including several high-profile lifestyle influencers. Also, she has sourced skincare and beauty influencers for a skincare brand as well as sourced and managed influencers to attend a nail polish brand’s influencer house.


  • Influencer sourcing and outreach for partnership on behalf of various brands for skincare to hospitality campaigns
  • Influencer souring and event outreach for fashion, jewelry, and foodie events
  • Content creation for skincare brands
  • Influencer Marketing Campaign Management
  • Influencer Talent Management

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