Mini Pancake Cereal Recipe

Recipe for Mini Pancake Cereal, a blog post by Liz in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Lifestyle Blogger: an image of mini pancakes

Pancake cereal is the newest food trend on TikTok and I’m loving it. It is an easy recipe.



1 Cup of Gluten-Free Pancake Mixer from Amazon

1 Egg 

1 3/4 cup of your favorite milk 

2 tablespoon of sugar or mankfruit 

1 tablespoon of vanilla 


Make the pancake mix as normal.

Put the mix into a squeeze bottle or zip lock bag with a tiny hole.

Squeeze out tiny pancakes into your frying pan or griddle. They should be about one inch in diameter.

Place the mini pancakes into a bowl and top with  your favorite toppings.

Liz Shamooni on TikTok

Liz Shamooni (@lizinlosangeles) has created a short video on TikTok with music Buttercup. Gluten-free cereal pancake 🥞 🥣 #minipancakecereal #easyrecipe #MakeMomSmile #momsoftiktok #pancakecereal


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