At Home Stress Remedies

To Try!

Are you looking for ways to relieve some stress while at home? Some tried and proven ways to limit stress when you're at home? Here is a list of great ways to limit stress at home including five at home stress remedies to try out asap!

At Home Stress Remedies to Try



1. BREATHWORK, THE LATEST TREND TO RELIEVE STRESS AT HOME Breathwork is the latest wellness trend in Los Angeles and a great way to destress. It is breathing practices in which you control your breathing to influence your mental, emotional or physical health.

2. MEDITATION, THE POPULAR WAY TO RELIEVE STRESS AT HOME Daily meditation eases anxiety and reduces stress. It can generate kindness. We can use that right now more than ever. If you have Amazon Alexa, you can use guided meditation on Alexa. Calm and Headspace are great apps ⁣for meditation

3. GRATITUDE JOURNAL, THE EASIEST WAY TO RELIEVE STRESS AT HOME A gratitude journal is one of the best ways to destress since it helps you focus your attention on the positive things in your life. You write down five things you are grateful for every day.

4. THERAPY, AN IMPORTANT STRESS-RELIEVING TIP Virtual therapy is also one of the best ways to destress and reduce anxiety. Mental fitness apps like Bloom offer interactive video sessions combined with guided journaling and breathwork to improve your mental health.

5. GIVE YOURSELF A MASSAGE, A STRESS-RELIEVING TIP FOR THE MIND AND BODY A massage makes you more aware of where in your body you’re feeling tense, so you can consciously relax those areas when you are feeling stressed. It is not always possible to go to a spa for a massage, so give yourself a massage at home to destress.

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