Seven Yoga Essentials for


Are you a beginner to yoga? Before you head out to the yoga studio for your first yoga class, make sure you are prepped with all the yoga essentials like the perfect yoga mat, a comfortable yoga outfit, and a delicious post-yoga snack.  Here are 7 Yoga Essentials for Beginners.

Yoga Essentials for Beginners



01. YOGA ESSENTIALS FOR BEGINNERS: YOGA MAT Whether you are practicing at home or in a studio, you will need your own yoga mat. You will want a strong mat that doesn’t move and can be cleaned easily.

02. YOGA ESSENTIALS FOR BEGINNERS: MAT TOWEL A mat towel can serve many purposes. You will need it to cover your yoga mat during a hot yoga session. You can cover the yoga bolster or blanket provided at the studio with it. Or just use it as a blanket during the restorative part of the class.

03. YOGA ESSENTIALS FOR BEGINNERS: WATER BOTTLE Crystal water bottles are this year’s hottest essential wellness trend. Crystal water bottles are amazing healing tools. Each crystal has different healing power: amethyst (calm and peace), rose quartz (unconditional love & compassion), pink quartz (relieves stress), and black obsidian (truth and protection).

04. ESSENTIAL OILS Essential oils like frankincense and lavender can be used throughout your yoga practice to calm your body and mind. You can sniff before you hit the mat or use a diffuser during your practice. This is a great yogi essential for beginners.

05. YOGA ESSENTIALS ITEMS FOR BEGINNERS: BLOCK Yoga block gives Yoga Beginners a little support and length when it comes to poses like the crescent moon. As beginners, you will need the block when you hit the mat more than the experienced yogi.

06. YOGA ESSENTIALS FOR BEGINNERS: STRAP Straps help Yoga Beginners with achieving more range of motion during stretching poses. Again this another essential that more suited for beginners when they hit the mat to practice yoga.

07. YOGA ESSENTIALS FOR BEGINNERS: COMFORTABLE OUTFIT I can’t stress enough how a comfortable yoga outfit will make your yoga practice much easier. This may seem obvious, but many people new to yoga don’t always know what outfit to wear. A yoga outfit can’t be too loose or too tight. Also, a yoga outfit can’t have accessories that make too much noise since moving around a lot.

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