Easy Guide to How to Dress Like

Sofia Richie


Dressing like Sofia Richie is made easy with these three tips! Learn how to dress like the icon Sofia Richie with these tips that'll help you get that old money style but on the fashion budget!

Ways to Dress Like Sofia Richie




Embrace Classic Silhouettes: Sofia Richie’s old-money aesthetic is all about timeless elegance in important detail. Opt for classic silhouettes and tailored pieces that exude sophistication.


Stick to a Refined Color Palette: Sofia Richie’s old-money style often features a refined and muted color palette. A monochrome look is the way to go here.


Effortless Chic: To achieve her look, opt for pieces that have a relaxed and effortless vibe. Incorporate basic essentials like high-waisted jeans, cropped tops, graphic t-shirts, oversized blazers, and flowy dresses.

TIP: If you want to master Sofia Richie’s style, go for monochromatic looks. Nothing says “Old Money” aesthetic like a head-to-toe white linen look.

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