Beginner Yoga Equipment for


The essentials for yoga don't have to break the bank. Start small with this list of the best home yoga essentials for beginners that are just what you need to get started as a pro yogi at home!

Essential Yoga Equipment for Home


Yoga Mat: You will want a strong mat that doesn’t move and can be cleaned easily.

Mat Towel: This is great to have to cover your mat during a sweaty sesh.

Reusable Water Bottle: This is an obvious one but necessary!

Essential Oils: You can sniff before hitting the mat or use a diffuser during practice, and this is a great yogi essential for beginners.

Block: As beginners, you will need the block when you hit the mat more than the experienced yogi.

Comfortable Outfit: I can’t stress enough how a comfortable yoga outfit will make your yoga practice much more effortless.

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