Most Romantic Restaurants in

Los Angeles

Looking for the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles that are worth the money? Here are the most Romantic Restaurants​ in Los Angeles with a Parisian​ Vibe. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Restaurants in LA



1. LE PETIT PARIS LA With their comfy chairs, cozy tables, and yummy dessert, it’s the perfect romantic spot for two with Parisian ambiance. It is a French steak house, but the menu offers veggie options like salmon tartar, sea bass, and ravioli.

2. LITTLE NEXT DOOR Not, only they have delicious food, but they also serve international wines, the best artisan desserts, and housemade jams. It’s the best place in Los Angeles for a candlelight dinner with a Parisian vibe. That is why it is the Winner of the “Best Romantic Restaurant of LA.”

3. LUCQUES Lucques is on the most romantic restaurant in Los Angeles with a Parisian vibe because of its dimly lite, romantic patio that has a very Parisian feel. The fruits and vegetables are handpicked from farmers’ markets daily but with sustainability in mind.

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