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Hello. I am Liz in Los Angeles. I’m the creator of Liz in Los Angeles, a Los Angeles Lifestyle Blog. I fell in love with Los Angeles when I moved here from the east coast 10+ years. Yes, I have turned into the stereotypical LA girl. I’m really into yoga, the three Ks (kale, kombucha & kelp noodles), juice cleanse, jeans, and staying fit. I haven’t come across a street filled with palm trees that I didn’t love. Yes, I was invited to a dog birthday party and the birthday cakes for the dogs and humans were gluten-free. I’m an anomaly in Los Angeles though. While everyone works in the ‘industry’ (entertainment), I work in financial services in a very intense work environment.  So working out is a great stress reliever and so is healthy eating. Thinking about my travel plans keeps me going when I have to work late at night.


Los Angeles Lifestyle Blog

This Los Angeles lifestyle blog is my creative outlet. I love sharing all the stylish things in Los Angeles that I discover. Whether it is a fabulous lace top by a local designer or facial acupuncture or a fantastic snack that will shorten your morning routine.

Depending on the season and occasion, my style ranges from refined rocker chic to glamour chic. I call it refined rocker chic with an LA vibe. Style isn’t just exclusive to fashion but every aspect of our lives. You can find style everywhere like where we eat, what we eat, our fitness routine.  And the LA vibe doesn’t pertain just to those in Los Angeles. It is about those who love a lifestyle filled with effortless style, trendy sweaty sessions, natural beauty remedies, and healthy dining.

The thing you’ll discover most through my posts and photos is my love for Los Angeles. This blog is stylish living by LA standards. Follow me and my experience through La La Land. This is California dreamin’ at its finest.

With gratitude,


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