7 Yoga Equipment



Wondering what essentials you need for yoga at home? Here is a list of seven awesome products for yoga at home that make yoga easy!


Yoga Mat: Whether practicing at home or in a studio, you need your yoga mat. You will want a strong mat that doesn’t move and can be cleaned easily.


Yoga Mat Towel: It would be best if you had it to cover your yoga mat during a hot yoga session, and you could cover the yoga bolster or blanket provided at the studio with it.


Big Water Bottle: Don’t show up to a yoga studio with a plastic bottle. That’s a big no-no! Plastic is harmful and can’t be recycled easily; it is just not the yogi way.


Essential Oils: Essential oils like frankincense and lavender can be used throughout yoga to calm your body and mind.


Yoga Block: As beginners, you will need the block when you hit the mat more than the experienced yogi.


Yoga Strap: Again this is another essential that is more suited for beginners when they hit the mat to practice yoga.


Comfortable Outfit: I can’t stress enough how a comfortable yoga outfit will make your yoga practice much more effortless.

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