Tips for Choosing a Chanel Bag

to Buy

Looking to purchase your first Chanel bag, or purchasing one for someone else? Keep reading for some of my best tips for choosing a Chanel bag!

Choose a style

Best Tips for Choosing a Chanel Bag




Choose a color

Choose the leather



Choose the chain

Choose where to buy

A Bit More on the Tips...


Remember, you want this bag to last you a lifetime. So choose a style that will follow you for the next few decades!

Then, when thinking about color you'll want to choose one that will go with the most amount of outfits.

When choosing which leather to go with, keep in mind that your options are lambskin or aged calfskin.

For your chain, your options will be gold-tone, silver-tone, black, or ruthenium metal.

Finally, decide where to buy. You can fly to Paris for the classic experience, or shop second hand for amazing deals!

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