Valentine's Day Ideas to do in

Los Angeles

From indulgent chocolates and fabulous outfits to intimate dinners and fun Galentine’s Day celebrations, this city is the perfect place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are the best things to do for Valentine's Day in Los Angeles!

Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in LA



01. VALENTINE’S DAY IN LOS ANGELES: CANDLELIGHT DINNER If you want to plan a romantic night out with your special someone, Los Angeles has it all. One of my favorite romantic restaurants in Los Angeles The Little Door.

02. VALENTINE’S DAY IN LOS ANGELES: CHOCOLATE MADE IN LA Chocolate made in LA is like John Kelly Chocolate. If you love chocolate, you are going to love this artisan chocolate brand. The only problem is that you might eat all of it before you gift it (true story lol)! Swipe up for the best artisan chocolates in LA!

03. VALENTINE’S DAY IN LOS ANGELES: OUTFITS Whether you’re looking for a special Valentine’s Day outfit to make a bold statement of your feelings, planning a fun night out on the town, or coming up with the perfect date outfit ideas, check out What to Wear on Valentine’s Day by swiping up.

04. VALENTINE’S DAY IN LOS ANGELES: CHARCUTERIE BOARD One of the best ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles is a date night and celebrating with a charcuterie board and a glass of wine. This is a super easy charcuterie board made with heart-shaped cookies, chocolate, and strawberries from Traders Joes in LA.

05. VALENTINE’S DAY NAILS ART One of the 2023 trends for nail art design is metallic, mini invisible French manicures, and pointer almond shape nails.

06. VALENTINE’S DAY IN LOS ANGELES: PHOTOSHOOT LOCATIONS The Love Wall at 8538 Hayden Avenue in Culver City The Pink Wall at Paul Smith at 8221 Melrose Ave ⁣The Punk Metender mural wall  at 1032 N Orange Dr

07. VALENTINE’S DAY IN LOS ANGELES: LUXURY SPAS Los Angeles has some of the best luxury spas in the world to offer. Whether you’re looking for a romantic couples massage or an indulgent treat for yourself, you’ll find something perfect for your Valentine’s Day in Luxury Spas in Los Angeles by swiping up.

08. GALENTINE’S DAY IN LOS ANGELES From cozy a sweat session to creating your own nail polish color, there’s something for everyone when it comes to celebrating the love between girlfriends on Galentine’s Day in Los Angeles by swiping up to read this post!

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