What to Do and Not Do on a Juice



Wondering what to do and not to on. a juice cleanse? How to do a juice cleanse the right way? Here are the best tips for doing a juice cleanse the right and healthy way!

Yes and No's of Juice Cleanses




Do start the day off with hot water with lemon to wake up your system.


If doing a program cleanse, do drink your six juices in the ordered number.


Don’t skip a juice.


Do wait two hours between juices and drink the last juice at least two hours before you sleep.


Do CHEW the juices instead of just drinking it. You’ll not get hungry as fast.


Don’t do a strenuous workout while juicing.


Do drink water and green/herbal tea all day to flush toxin out of your system.


Do get a massage, salt scrub, acupuncture, or go to an infrared sauna to get the full benefit of detoxification.


Don’t give up.

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