Best Tips for Getting Better


Wondering how to get the best, most restful night of sleep? Here are the best tips for getting relaxing and rejuvenating sleep that actually work and will help you feel rested the next morning!

Tips for Rejuvenating Sleep




Every night before bed, I take a few minutes to journal what I’m grateful for that day.


Face yoga is a great selfcare routine practice to reduce stress and sleep better.


I love Breathwork since it erases all of the ongoing self-dialogue in my head and negative thoughts in a few minutes.


Epsom Salt Hot Bath could be the key to sleep better. The salt bath contains magnesium, which is the best mineral for better sleep.


I listen to guided meditation or meditation when I get into bed. It feels me fall asleep faster.


Start using a relaxing diffuser at night to sleep better.


Invest in a nice pillow and silk pillow case.

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